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    OC creation


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    OC creation

    Post  Balzmann12 on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:24 pm

    Put your newly created OCs here, then wait and prayer as the mods rip it apart.

    Good luck.

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    Re: OC creation

    Post  Balzmann12 on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:27 pm

    Name: Hideo Kobayashi

    Race: Shinigami

    Rank And Division: Captain of squad 8

    Physical Appearance: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs28/f/2008/141/7/f/Dyed_Egg___EPIC_BEARD_II_by_noelle_chan.jpg , He wears just the captain's haori and the standard soul reaper pants and sandals without socks, he is an epicly hairy chest and arms, and he stands around 6'4"

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color: Brown.

    Personality: Well what can I say this is one lazy bastard. He never takes anything serious unless it's smoking, drinking, getting laid, or gambling. Even in battle he is lighthearted and playful. Just think Shunsui but with his perviness cranked up to eleven.

    ~Likes: Drugs, sex, and Rock&Roll

    ~Dislikes: Rules, Schedules, more Rules

    Background: He was a man, no he was a dragon-man, or maybe he was just a DRAGON!!!!!!!! As we are all aware this is just a myth of the man known as Hideo but for this very reason is why I am here, to dispel this legend. But my data isn't complete, we at the anonymous pigeon holding committee believe he was a Greek poet from ancient times but other then that we do not know. Now his days at the soul reaper academy are more well documented. And from what I can tell Hideo was always been a lazy prick. He never took his studies seriously, he was always more concerned with his gambling and drug rings. The only reason he exactly graduated from the academy was because a bet with a pretty young lady. She bet he couldn't pass even if he tried and boy did he prove her wrong. But when it came time to collect the reward for winning the bet this girl was nowhere to be found like she disappeared into thin air. So whatever he had graduated and was immediately picked up by squad 2, and let me tell you they weren't not happy when they got to know him. For the most part he didn't do his job and he just continued to do what he did in the academy. And this went on for several decades give or take a few years until he was promoted to the fourth seat for his superior hand-to-hand combat and kido skill. He never really cared about that he just continued being Hideo and being Hideo was good. Until that girl appeared again, this time part of a squad led by Hideo which was going into Hueco Mundo. So lets just say things didn't go as planned and shit hit the fans, The group was attacked the moment they entered Hueco Mundo and half of them died in that attack, so danger scale is set way past the standards laid down by Benjamin and Bartholomew and the upturn faces society. The combination of this incredible situation and the girl's constant pleas for saving, Hideo had no choice but to reveal his bankai which he mastered around the time he was made the fourth seat of squad two and saved the day all badass like. And with that shit storm quelled a new one appeared, the surviving soul reapers made notice of Hideo's bankai and his expert use of it in their reports bringing much unwanted business into Hideo's calm life. And to make matters worse that girl was gone again. So Hideo began to think that girl was fate guiding his life into this mess. Fate, what a bitch right? Now after all that business with being secretive about his bankai he was made captain of squad eight by the now retired ex-captain of that very same squad Shunsui Kyoraku. Now Hideo tries to lead the same life he has always lived, by the way did a mention the huge collection of hookahs he keeps in office, he even turns the paperwork he doesn't fill out into coals so he can keep on smoking those Hookahs, what a character. Well that is all the info on Hideo Kobayashi we at Team Fullramastic have at the moment. So that is all. Peace!

    ~Zanpaktou Call: Wail from the depths of Hell to the heights of Heaven

    ~Zanpaktou: Hageshii-Kage

    ~Sealed Appearance: it looks like a standard katana with a dark green sheath, but its hilt is very artistic. It is a set of inverted stairs and on each step beautiful drawing are carved into it, on one step petals blowing through the wind, on another flowers in every shape and size, and another the faces of demons.

    ~Released Appearance:

    ~~Shikai: Hageshii-Kage, His zanpaktou transforms in a guitar. The base of this mighty instrument is a light green with a pink petal on it while its neck is pure silver and finally its head is the same as the zanpaktou's hilt except larger so the guitar can be strung and tuned. And as the captain plays the wind begins to pick up and rage.

    ~~Bankai: Hageshii-Kage Boufuu, His zanpaktou or guitar depending on if he has shikai active or not disappears in a powerful gust of wind which then twists around his arms forming a semi-solid armor. This armor encompasses his entire arms forming fins on his shoulders and extended fingers on his hands. these fingers are razor sharp and cut through most material like clothes, skin, hierro, some rocks.

    ~Released Powers:

    ~~Shikai: As Hideo plays his guitar, powerful winds begin to manifest around him, which he uses to block attacks and cut his enemies with. the more intense the song he is playing the more intense the wind gets sometimes create twisters and other wind based phenomenon. One of his abilities is to produce a razor sharp 'blade' of wind that he can launch that people by just strumming on his guitar and based on what fret or chord he plays the blade could be sharper or faster or quieter. Another one of his abilities is to create a massive gust of wind in front that he uses to slow, weaken, and even stop incoming attacks, he create this gust in any direction but not all direction at once.

    ~~Bankai: Much like Hideo's shikai his bankai also controls the wind to the point he can create mighty storms on command. He now has the ability to control the flow of water to the extent of funneling it into his storms to fuel them and to certain parts of the storm to drown his opponent and using like lance being shot of a cannon.

    Blitzkrieg: Hideo focuses a massive amount of his spiritual energy to create a giant storm I'm talking about a hypercane people a hurricane on steroids, shrouding his movement in the nasty winds, rain, hail, and pretty much anything rocks that get caught up in the storm and as the storm starts beating up on you Hideo does the same using his newly acquired stealth, since he used his spiritual energy to create this storm he can easily disappear into it cause his energy is dispersed in it, to shred you up something horrible with his razor sharp claws.

    Aqua Lance: it is pretty straight forward he gather the surrounding water in his storm and fires it at his opponent like a bullet or lance as it were. [If anything else comes to me I will put it here]

    Miyashi Hezake

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    Re: OC creation

    Post  Miyashi Hezake on Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:28 am

    Very well Balz.


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    Nekoru Mei

    Post  Xantospoc on Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:00 am

    NAME: Nekoru Mei

    AGE: 257 years (+ 89 years of his former life)

    RACE: Shinigami

    GENDER: Male

    RANK: As he is still an undergraduate, he belong to no division, though he's applying for the 1st division

    DIVISION: None, but works as an assistant at the Shinigami Academy

    HEIGHT: 5' 8''

    WEIGHT: 150 lbs

    PERSONALITY: Softspoken, timid and kind (sometimes excessively, leading to over-the-top embarassing situations), Nekoru has a strong duty sense, when it comes to obeying to his superiors of the Gotei 13 or his friends, though he does his best to make the former prevail over the law. Despite this, he has an odd fear: he is actually not afraid of the Hollows (though he does regard them as dangerous), but of his own kin. Due to the traumatic experience of being nearly chocked to death by his instructor's aura during a fight with a Adjuchas, he greatly fears (to a paranoid level) the captains, and wants to do as much as possible to avoid their wrath, going so far to adress them usually by '[Rank] [Name]-sama". This said, he's a bit of a coward. Despite he is a shinigami, his true talent is painting, and recieves lots of commisions (his current salary as a Shinigami is a misery). He also uses it to go into the good graces of captains. He also has an odd tendence to act friendly towards enemies, due to his over-the-top chilvalry, and prefer to use diplomacy over fighting. His personality, overall, is that of a loyal butler toward his master (his master being Soul Society as a whole).

    ~Likes: Drawing, beautiful women, friends, reading, working hard.

    ~Dislikes: Ignorants, rude people, getting wounded, fighting for the sake of fighting, Hollows trying to eat him

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: lean body, dark green eyes, long hair (shoulder lenght tied up in a loose ponytail). Wears the standard Shinigami outfit, the Shihakushō, plus a white striped blue headband over his forehead. His aura is silver-colored, and has the shape of a paintbrush with a flower on it.


    HISTORY: Nekoru Mei used to be the butler of the Kanagori family, an influential rich family of Japan. His most important task was to babysit the Kanagori children, a task he took wholeheartedly. One of things they asked him the most was to draw for them. They asked him the oddest thing around (from panoramas to dragons). But he appreciated it and really adored the children and the whole Kanagori family, to a wider extention. So much he did not notice he died. His obsession to take care of them was so great he turned into a Demi Hollow, but a shinigami found him and purified his soul. At first living as a civilian and making drawings for a living, he got a lucky shot when he drew a criminal for a shinigami officer. The shinigami, amused by his skills and his higher-than-average reiatsu, convinced him to move to the Seretei. There, he drew for several officer, and, thank to a letter of recommendation in exchange of one of his commisions, joined the academy. He completed the 6 years course in 5 (with the exception of the last exam), and, as a reward, he went into an inspection with one of his instructors. There they found a rather tenacious Adjuchas, and the instructor, to defeat him, was forced to raised his reiatsu to such an high level he made Nekoru pass out, seriously traumatizing him . Unfortunately, he kept failing the last exam ie. achieving shikai. Since then, he has been forced to study harder to learn shikai, to no avail so far, and he's been working as an assistant (plus freelance painter) for a living.


    Zanpaktou Call: 'Draw my masterpiece'

    Zanpaktou Name: Scipturae Musa

    Zanpaktou Description: A four feet long nodachi. Oddly enough, it has a very long hilt, green-colored, around one foot long.

    Zanpaktou Spirit: He look like an Ancient Latin writer. Looks in his 40s, is very well built and is around 6 feet tall. Wears a toga and a pair of sandals. He is very dutiful and dedicated to art, but, unlike Nekoru, he's a coward and shares his fear of Shinigami. The only reason he has not escaped yet is because he would have to go through the rest of Soul Society, with more powerful and terrifying shinigami.

    Shikai Form: The blade turns black and starts dropping ink, while the hilt turns beige-colored, with a black decoration.

    Shikai Powers: His power is related to ink. He has full control over his zanpakuto's solid or liquid state. Even worse, the ink never comes off the clothes (except if you use high reiatsu). The ink he creates is not unlimited, though: it depends on his spiritual power. NOT ACHIEVED YET

    Maxime/Medie/Minime Solidum Statum: He can solidify his sword to make it as hard as steel (Maxime Solidum Stadium) or make it bend as a whip, though it decrease the sharpness. (Medie/ Minime Solidum Stadium). Its maximum hardness largely depends on his reiatsu.... if he runs out of juice, he would not be able to solidify the sword at all.

    Liquid Statum: He can also turn it liquid to use the following tecniques. In this state, it constantly drips ink

    Encaustum Liquidus: Squirts of liquid Ink, the necessary quantity to leave a large strain on your clothes. If inside it is inejected some reaitsu, it can even burn as if it was acid. He can also suck the ink back into the sword in case he's running out of reiatsu.

    Encaustri Bulla: Same as the former, just with ink bubbles. He can make at best a gran total of 10 bubbles, regardless of their sizes, and he has no control over them.

    Encastrum bulla explodens: a subvariant of Encaustri Bulla, which, if infused with enough spirtual power, can explode at contact. It has an hint of red compared to the normal version

    Encaustrum dardi: He shots a solid version of the Encaustrum Liquidus, which takes the form of several darts, 10 at best. If thrown with sufficent force and reiatsu, they can break through stone

    Bankai Name: Maxime Vis Encaustrum Glaudium

    Bankai Form: A paintbrush

    Bankai Powers: In bankai status, he can generate much more ink and can be more creative in his art, using flash of light resembling kanji to order his zanpakuto what to draw. NOT ARCHIEVED YET

    Encaustri Arma: Nekoru can make an ink version of any weapon he can think of, though, if he were to copy other Zanpakuto, they would not be like real one (ie. they would have no special power). He can make only one weapon at once, and the total mass of ink can't surpass 108 kg.

    Encaustri Levitantes Structura: creating floating platforms whose radius is 3 metres at best. He can make 3 at once, but they can hold only one person at once, and while they are quite fast, they are nowhere as fast as flash step. They are quite fragile as well, and a good hit would bust them up.

    Encaustri Copia humana: his most powerful tecniques, creates clones which can fully control with his thought, as if they were puppets . However, this takes lots of power (he needs to put exactly as much spiritual power in the copy as the original possesses, otherwise the copy would fall apart) and can't replicate all the powers (only phisical ones, not Kido nor Zanpakuto tecniques). He can also make, to compensate, only parts of them, for example just arms or eyes (for example: he could draw Ichigo's eyes on himself to see through Aizen's illusions!). Still, this tecnique puts a lot of strain, as he need to focus on them, otherwise they would easily fall apart.

    Kido List: 7

    Bakudo 4-5-37-39 (needed incantation for 37 and 39)

    Hado 1-4 (unneeded incantation)

    Hado zero (unneded incatation): and harmless flash of light. It is highly useful in bankai, as he can use it to write the kanji of the things he wants to draw


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    Re: OC creation

    Post  Xantospoc on Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:20 am

    NAME: Yoshimitsu 'Kenpachi' Kariomina

    AGE: 849 and 11 months (‘And I look only 26’)

    RACE: Vizard

    GENDER: Female

    RANK: head of the Detention unit of the Nest’s Maggot and former instructor at the Shinigami Academy and Captain.

    DIVISION: 11th

    HEIGHT: 5’ 4’’,

    WEIGHT: 91 lbs

    PERSONALITY: Yoshimitsu is always a cheerful, playful and occasionally flirty girl, even despite her former position, especially because she loves to stay with people, helping them out and see their true self.
    She became a teacher to help timid people to express herself, mainly because she knew how it felt. This is due to the fact that she had a very lonely childhood, and did not want to have such a trauma repeating itself again, something which happened when people discovered about her being turned into a Vizard.
    Despite this, she’s mostly a loner persona: she goes at any length to succeed at her goals, and sometimes she has apathetic bouts. Now that she turned into a Vizard, her condition worsened, becoming more of a parody of herself and borderline insane, with a bipolar personality. She’s often seen mumbling to herself as she felt that lonely she fully embraced her hollow side to talk to it. She often cracks joke on the line: ‘You are cute I could eat you up’. If you knew about her hollow side, you would know it’s not a good thing. But she’s almost always kidding. Almost.
    ~Likes: Sweets, other people, long talks, meeting others, having a friendly fight
    ~Dislikes: her older brother, HER FATHER, loneness

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Yoshimitsu is a beautiful, curvaceous, dark-skinned red-haired youth with heterochromia. Her left eye is purple, while her right one is purely hollowfied ie. Black sclera and golden isis. This is to show how she embraces her hybrid nature (in her gigai, she does not show such a flaw). Her hair is long, waist-length, and tied in a pair of pigtails. She keeps her nails dark colored.
    She has a lot of body paint: a snake on her right cheek, an half moon on her left side of the face, a shuriken on her left hand, an open eye on her right palm, a dagger on her neck, a dragon along her left arm, a set of Soul Society rule of her right side, an unidentified plant on the left side her back, an Ouroboros (snake who bites its own tales) on her right side of the midriff, a butterfly on her sternum a sun on her right shoulder.
    When outside her captain uniform. She dresses in light colors: she has a beige neck warmr, green gloves, a light grey loose fitting sweater, yellow pants, the only exception being a black t-shirt, which shows her cleavage. She wears a long trenchcoat over this, to pass like a harmless hobo to others.
    She carries all over her clothes over a dozen of masks, along with her Hollow mask, to avoid drawing suspicions. She also wears a white band over her hollowfied eye, with a drawing of a blinking eye.

    HISTORY: Yoshimitsu used to be a nice, sweet and timid girl born in a noble house. Unfortunately, her father was a bastard sexist who preferred her brother for no reason other than the fact he was male (which was ironical, as her brother was timid and shy just like her!). She constantly tried to impress him with techniques she learned in ballet and athletic, which were further enhanced by her naturally high reiatsu, but to no avail and, after a frustration of too many, she ran away, living as a circus acrobat and thief. Eventually, her brother found her, and, in an attempt to make up with her, gave her a recommendation for the detention unit, knowing her talents. After training her with Shinigami skills, she achieved her Shikai, joined the Detention Unit and, thanks to her knowledge of the world of thief and her natural skills, she quickly rose through ranks, eventually becoming head of the unit. She was known for her eccentric habits to talk to the inmates, even for hours, and her violence on them when they pushed her over the edge. In this period, she learnt Bankai as well, just to show she was able to attain it: She’s never used it so far.
    One day, though, due to her carelessness she was badly wounded by an Adjuchas. While at first she had no trouble, she started hearing voices inside her head. She soon realized she had become a Vizard… but she cared very little about it and remained in Soul Society, keeping her new hollow powers a secret to everyone, and using them only when nobody was around. The fact that she kept speaking to her inner hollow as if it was a friend slowly eroded her sanity.
    She then uses her own influence first to become the captain of the 11th division (using her agility to defeat the previous one) teacher, so to help shy shinigami boys to open up with her cheerfulness, sex appeal and skills. One of her students was a shy chap called Nekoru Mei, who was no exception to her eccentric way of teaching. The boy finished the six years course in just five and, as a reward, she had him escort her in another mission. There, they m et the same Adjuchas which had previously wounded Yoshimitsu. Glad to be able to take her revenge, she donned her Hollow mask and raised the level of her reiatsu to such a level Nekoru passed out. Killed the Adjuchas, her inner hollow took over and, in a fit of rage, went into a destructive fury, demolishing several building in the process and eating some Pluses. She managed to frame the Adjuchas and keeps living in the sereitei as a captain, though she decided to leave the teacher mansion.

    She’s flexible enough to dance the futterwaken. Unlike most Kenpachis, who relied on brute strength, she uses her agility and borderline insanity to inspire fear in her enemies and allies
    (See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEFydbOFoU8&feature=related )

    Zanpaktou Call: Crush

    Zanpaktou Name: Jisei itami no (Magnetism of Pain)

    Zanpaktou Description: a katana with a black heptagonal hilt

    Zanpaktou Spirit: http://dreager1.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/planetmanexe7.jpg

    Shikai Form: a small green dagger. She always keeps her zanpakuto in Shikai state, mostly to avoid wasting time in releasing it. She keeps it in her cleavage.

    Shikai Powers: By polarizing the dagger, she sends magnetic waves to her foe, who slowly starts attracting metal objects. Due to the polarization, the more hits he receives, the easier is to strike him. If the difference of the hits dealt and the ones taken by Yoshimitsut is over 100, her opponent is automatically stuck by lighting, which zeroes his/her magnetic field.

    Bankai Name: Sei no itami, make no nochi (Positive Pain, Negative happiness)

    Bankai Form: The dagger becomes much bigger, as tall as Yoshimitsu and twice as broad. Thunderbolts starts covering her, but is more a showoff than anything (like Yamamoto surrounding himself in flames). Above her, thunderbolts conglomerates and form a ball of energy which is always above her. Yoshimitsu thinks this bankai is too difficult to control, so she NEVER uses it, having made it.

    Bankai Powers:

    Magnetization: Youshimitsu is enveloped into an aura of magnetism which allows her to manipulate the nearby metal object, with the exception of the zanpakuto (they are made of reiatsu, not really metal) of others. The heavier they are, the slower the object moves, of course. She can immediately magnetize others by shoving them inside the giant sphere.

    Eletrification: as her zanpakuto, now gigantic, is electrified, sends electromagnetic waves to her enemies. The object also become hotter.
    Rail guns: by taking a metallic object, she can fire it as a projectile of a rail gun, which is quite destructive. The bigger it is, the more times it takes to charge

    Plasma shield: She creates a spherical shield to parry from attacks. After some blows it might crack. Casted only once per 12 hours

    Reiatsu field: Making a field which heavies the opponents. The higher your reiatsu is, the lesser it affects you

    Kido List: While she dislikes Kido, she is quite proficient in binding spells. She can cast all of them without incantation, but needs incantation for full power.

    Hollow Mask: An alien-like mask with a frown

    Power Increase w/Mask = Enough to make Nekoru chock, around twice as much as an average captain

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    Evil Character 1 GO!!!

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    NAME: Renaldo Velcarno

    AGE: 2, 450

    RACE: Menos hollow

    GENDER: Male

    RANK: Vasto Lorde

    HEIGHT: 6’ 4”

    WEIGHT: 245 lbs

    PERSONALITY: Renaldo is a hollow of peculiar style and air.He has lived so long that he no longer fears the idea of “permanent” death and is a very fun loving, if not sadistic, character. Even if he was to run into a battle against someone greater than him, he would still act the fool he is, making snide remarks and rude comments. He rarely shows fear and anger, though a few things Piss him off, such as those arrancar and Shinigami that think they’re so much “holier than though”, being confused for an arrancar (Seems to happen alot in his case), and those who ignore him just because they think they have something better to do.

    Besides his fun-loving, sadistic self, Renaldo is very intelligent and will notice things that few thought hollows could truly grasp. He likes to read books occasionally and can enjoy music and the arts, though the arts bore him greatly and prefers metal and hard rock over pop and such.

    ~Likes: Being around others, having fun, fighting people that are like him, listening to rock, and licorice

    ~Dislikes: those “holier than though” types, anyone who thinks he is an arrancar(Or worse, some sort of mutated Ajurhas), vanilla, chocolate, cowards, and Lady Gaga

    PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Renaldo is a prime example of a strong, healthy shape gone to the extremes. His muscles are extremely compacted and seem at a constant state of tension. His shoulders, back, and arms are the strongest muscles on his body. His forearms are actually fairly slender, though his fingers are easily the narrowest part of his body, the tips easily making a spear tip like design. His fingernails are all at least half an inch long and are pointed like arrowheads. His legs are fairly long, with his feet being that of normal human appearance, his toe nails being very similar to those upon his fingers. His skin is all black, save for his shoulders, which are a crimson color that spreads out in a flame like pattern to the middle of his back, top of his elbows, and the outside of his pectoral muscles.

    Renaldo’s mask is similar in appearance to that of the first few of ichigo’s own masks. Three scratch marks run down the right side of the face, starting about an inch away from the top of the mask and stopping around the end of his nose. Each side of the scratches are different in color, the left being crimson and the right being black. The left side of his face has a vine –like pattern growing out from the outer corner of the eye. All of the masks teeth are canines.

    His eyes are interesting in the hollow world, since they are not the customary black around yellow, but are instead yellow around crimson, his pupils being more diamond shaped than rounded off. His hair has streaks of black and crimson running through the blond locks that come down to his lower back.

    Renaldo wears a similar outfit to that of an arrancar, though its more of an overcoat, being mostly white with black trim. The bottom of the cloak has black fire rising up about 1/3 of the way. He wears black pants held up by a golden cored.

    Renaldo was once a priest for the Catholic Church who had awakened his spirit energy. The man died will attacked by an Ajurhas-class menos when he traveled to Japan and tried to convert some of the people to his faith. When he became a spirit, he helped out those around him that were being attacked by lower class hollows with his spiritual powers. A few times, Shinigami appeared to take him to Soul Society, but all of them died from the manifestation of the man’s inner insanity. Eventually, his soul chain finally disintegrated and he turned into a Hollow, his size being roughly that of a small tree.
    Once a low class hollow, Renaldo consumed much of the populace in the area before the shinigami appeared, which caused the hungry hollow to flee to Hueco Mundo. There, he joined with other hollows in a feeding frenzy. When the hollows began to form into their Gillian selves, none stood to oppose Renaldo’s strength nor personality, name one, who called himself Calderno. His was defeated by Renaldo, but even to this day, the hollow remains somewhere at the back of the Vasto’s mind, watching whatever he does.

    After becoming a Gillian (Once again, his size didn’t reflect his power since he was roughly 30ft smaller than a normal Gillian), Renaldo consumed those around him, rising to the Rank of Ajurhas, and then finally to Vasto Lorde.
    He was a Vasto for 300 years before Aizen appeared. Many of the hollows below the strong Vasto gained the state of Arancar and challenged him, though each time he was victorious, save for a few close calls. Eventually, Aizen wondered if Renaldo would want to join his ranks as an arrancar, in which the Vasto clearly said “Fuck you” and attacked the Shinigami, who dueled the Vasto for around 20 minutes before retreating, being unsuccessful in his original mission and in getting the potentially dangerous enemy to get a nice view of his shika.

    Renaldo continued to destroy and consume the Arrancar, gaining much greater power from their corpses and zanpakotous than he could obtain from consuming normal Ajurhas. In his time, he had fought with all but 1 of the original Espada, killing 6 of them in the process, the others retreating to nurse their wounds after their encounters with the “Slayer of all that Aizen creates”.
    Once he learned of Aizen’s destruction, Renaldo went on a tour of the world, relaxed, and enjoyed the last few years of his life without a worry of consuming other hollows or the constant Arrancar attacks.

    POWERS/ ABILITIES: Primary Weapons: Spear hands and Shield forearms

    Reiatsu Cloak: A standard power of strong Vasto Lorde, Renaldo has a constant amount of reiatsu covering his body, softening the blows from reiatsu based attacks such as kidos, zanpakotou abilities, and ceros. Renaldo’s cloak is very well developed, able to soften a luitenant level kido spell to 0% or a Ajurhas Arrancars cero to 10%.

    Please note, this ability is to not be confused with hierro, for it does not affect physical attacks and cannot completely nullify higher damage as well.

    Steel Skin: Another common Vasto level technique, in which the user increased the reiatsu under their skin to make it extremely difficult to cut all the way through an opponent or even nick them. Renaldo is very well adapted at this technique, his forearms being so strong that they are unable to be cut or pierced by a zanpakotou of any level save maybe that of the kings weapon. The rest of his body can absorb massive damage from captain-level sword swings, though he is no where near as invincible as where his forearms are.

    Please note, this ability is to not be confused with hierro, for it does not sit on top of the skin and cannot affect the damage done by reiatsu based attacks anywhere near as well as hierro itself can.

    Extremely high movement speed: Without any fancy abilities such as Shunpo or Sundo, Renaldo has developed very fast movement speed which can usually outpace a normal captains Shunpo speed in a straight line and pace a stronger captains Shunpo speed. He cannot turn as well as one who is using such speed abilities, but he can still turn very quickly and his eyes easily keep track of such movements.

    Unbelievable strength: Without any sort of weapon besides his hands and feet, Renaldo has outrageous strength, able to tear through steel as if it was paper and break carbon fiber cables as if they were ¼ inch cotton rope.

    360 degree Cero: Renaldo can fire a cero from any point on his body with great speed and strength. He can fire these types of ceros in 4 second intervals and loses his reiatsu cloak for 2 seconds after each blast.

    Cero: As with all high level hollows, Renaldo can fire a lethal cero attack from his finger tips. He can fire these ceros in 2 second intervals, though it tires him rapidly compared to using his 360 cero.

    Supreme sealing of reiatsu: Unlike most hollows, Renaldo can successfully seal his reiatsu to any degree he wants, even to the point where he is literally undetectable by any reiatsu sensing objects. Though he loses all of his non-physical abilities, his strength, speed, and natural toughness all remain intact.

    Elemental Control: Black Flames: Renaldo has supreme control of the element of black fire, able to summon it at will with little affect upon his reiatsu. However, this summoning usually lacks direction unless down while moving his body in some way. To direct the fire, he must use abilities.

    Black bullets: concentrating black flame upon his fingers, Renaldo can shoot out missiles of the flame going around the speed of bullets. The damage caused by them is mostly bash and burn damage.

    Ash maker: Renaldo takes a volume of 300 m3 of black flames and condense into into a 1 m in diameter sphere in his hand. When he hits someone with this technique, it will release all of the black fire upon that specific area. The damage is burn. Renaldo an summon one ash maker into each hand at any given time. Why he would need two beats me.

    Flaming cero: Renaldo summons up both black fire and cero energy, fusing the two in his hand, launching them together at the enemy. Damage is bash, and burn.

    Gokki Ameuratsu: Renaldo’s signature attack, he summons a large volume of highly pressurized black fire into a thin disk, which he throws at his opponent. The disk will cut into his enemies with intense heat. Renaldo can control the disk and make it follow an opponent or blow it up at will. Renaldo can also create smaller disks, approximately 4, which follow the enemy much easier, though they do less overall damage. Damage is slice , burn, and explosive.


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    Re: OC creation

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    Wow.... I finally get a nice view of Renaldo's character. You truly are skilled, Sono. He is quite original... and it's always nice to see somebody saying 'Fuck you' to Aizen XD

    But there is one thing which bugs me.... What was catholic priest doing in Japan 450 years before Jesus' birth? XD. Still, great character

    Miyashi Hezake

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    Re: OC creation

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    From what i see its approved.

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    Re: OC creation

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