RP that takes place after the winter war,

    Rules and Regulations


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    Rules and Regulations

    Post  Miyashi Hezake on Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:14 am

    User Rules

    1.Be Courteous To Your Fellow Players.

    2.Please Keep Cussing To A Minimum, A Few Slips Are Not A Foul, But Excessive Cuss( In a spamming manner) And You Will Be Banned.

    3.No spamming

    4. NO Linking To Rated R sites:
    - First Offense: 1 Day Ban
    - Second Offense: Week Ban
    - 3rd Offense: IP Ban and Deletion

    5. If being harassed, do NOT take matters into own hands. Please report to and Administrator/Moderator. Staff are not around for user affairs, but rather to enforce rules.

    6. All NRPs that are less than 4 pages long, will be moved to the trash after 2 weeks of inactivity. Creator must speak with a moderator to discuss reactivation.

    7. Members will show respect to every authority figure and other members. We are all equal. Treat people on how you would like to be treated.

    8. Pervertedness is allowed, but please, don't take it tooooooooooo far. We hate to ban you for having some fun.

    9.Do not post any pornographic videos, or images that involve intercourse, actions as such will result in an automatic ban

    10. No sex logs in the chatbox

    11.No Drama In Chat Box (believe me it's not productive in any way and is more trouble than its worth)

    12. Jokes and Topics: No one appreciates a good joke and an awesome topic better than your fellow staff-men, but granted that this is an all ages forum, and although you are all considered as a "Mature Audience", You must be willing to drop or change any topic or jokes that may bother any user in the chat box, or rp forums. Being persistent in this manner will be considered as Harassment and will result in a day ban. Continuation of such actions may result in additional bans and possible deletion, so again please be courteous to one another, because possible deletion isn't worth it and is a waste of everyone's time.

    13. If you have any questions,comments, or concerns at all do not hesitate to contact any available staff-men. It is our jobs to serve each and everyone of you and enforce all rules and regulations, not vice versa.

    14. Speak English in chat box and in rp: English is the language we all should be able to speak and understand here. You getting this far have proven that you are capable to speak and understand it, so please do not go one a rant in a different language. Doing this won't get you banned unless it is used as spam, but with courtesy to your fellow rp'ers, please speak in english

    Moderator Rules

    1. No excessive clearing

    2. No Abuse of power

    3. Be a frequent member or give up your position

    4. Dont mouth off your superior unless you and him/her are
    - Playing
    - Debating
    - Taking eachothers opinions
    - Or unless you have another person there to be your witness, so that you can be justified (this works in vise-versa for everyone)

    Administrator Rules

    1. No abuse of your power, results are immediate DE-ADMINING

    2. Follow the rules and be an example (breaking of 5 rules will result in a week of no admin depending upon the offense)

    3. If you absent (unexcused) for more than a week your Admin-ship will be stripped till further notice (if consistently absent you will be reasserted as an Admin)

    Rules For All

    NO ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS [(its a hassle to clean up for us) and whats the point of one, its just a waste of time that you can be spending kicking butt]

    NO EXCESSIVE CUSSING[ It isnt that cool anyways, anyone could do that, very few can actually express there-selves in an educated manner]

    NO SEXUAL HARRASSMENT[ Come on guys dont make us expose you for being an idiot]

    COUPLE PROBLEMS SHOULD TRY TO STAY WITH THE COUPLE[ again no drama in thee chatbox thats what rping is for, so take your baby mama dramas there instead]

    DONT MAKE LIFE HARDER FOR ANYONE!!!!![Karma can be a mother, remember that]

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