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    Rules of Posting/RPing


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    Rules of Posting/RPing

    Post  Miyashi Hezake on Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:14 am

    Role Playing Rules

    1. Users who participate in RPs of any kind must have an administrative approved profile in the profile section of this forum.

    2. Every post must be atleast two sentences long and must be a complete version of what you are trying to say, or not say.Writing a second post to complete the first post( which contains 2 sentences) is considered as spamming and will be deleted when caught.

    3.No one is to go into battle with information on another character in which they have never rp'ed with before. If there are no records of you obtaining the information which you have claimed to know before one can reveal it to you for the first time, we will assume that you have read the other players profile, therefore resulting in a automatic disqualification. (So please when rp battling pretend that you are the actual character and not your real life self who knows information about every and anything, this will be better explained later).

    4. RP within reason(try not to god mod) keep in mind that you are easily being watched, so it is best to be an entertaining loser, then a boring god moder. (Purposely god modding is frowned upon and is considered to be the highest form of cowardice)

    5. One on One RPs must never be interfered by any non-staff members, unless if in parenthesis it says that a he/she needs help. RPs that are not specific may be interfered by anyone( including RP sessions that include perverted material, not pornographic, if there is confusion in the difference between the two, please contact your staff-men first ).

    6. Any major change in character must be seen through RP, in which changes can be affected. (in the beginning of everyones' RP session you are considered weak and can't even unlock shikai. As you RP more your character gets better and unlocks his potential and maybe more.)

    7. No one on this site is allowed to "Power Play" , this term "Power-play" refers to the controlling of any character besides your own, without any outside help of effect of ability.

    6. Have fun and obey all rules of the RPs which you join in regards to the rule that i have set forth.

    8. All Nrps(role play stories, created by users) that may contain content that will be suitable for a mature audience (in respect of the rules) must mention so in the title, neglecting to mention so will result in a warnning.

    9.Nrps which become mostly pornography will be deleted after day two of its creation regardless of it being active or inactive.

    10.If you are the author of an Nrp, please state the rules of the NRPs as the first post if there are any rules.

    11.During your first post of any action , please clearly state the gear in which you are wearing or carrying, and mention how many of the certain item you possess if you are carrying multiples.

    12. If you are the author of the NRP please state your gear and inventory in your second post( the post after your rules).

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